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The Postal Service is stepping up its efforts to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail.

On November 23, 2008, new Move Update standards take effect. The Move Update standards provide options for customers to reduce the number of mail pieces that require forwarding, returning or being treated as waste by periodically matching address records with customer-filed change-of-address orders.

The Postal Service and the mailing industry believe these revised standards are crucial to the business interests of mailers as well as the continued vitality of the postal system. In the fiscal year 2004, the Postal Service handled 9.7 billion pieces of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail at a cost of $1.85 billion. These revised standards will result in better address quality by removing incorrectly addressed pieces from subsequent mailings, which will reduce UAA mail and postage for you.

An efficient automated mail stream works best when mail pieces have complete, correct and up-to-date addresses. Revisions to the Move Update standards are needed to improve the percentage of deliverable addresses for mailings entered at discounted rates. High-quality addressing, as well as best possible depth of ZIP+4 Codes, accurate Intelligent Mail, and POSTNET barcodes that result in the delivery of the mail piece to the intended recipient in an efficient manner, should be primary tools that mailers use to reduce UAA mail volume.

“The Move Update standard currently applies to mailings of First-Class Mail ONLY.”

Effective November 23, 2008, the minimum frequency for Move Update will change from 185 days to 95 days prior to the date of mailing, and the Move Update standard will also be required for all Standard Mail. In order to comply with the Move Update standard, mailers must update an address used on a mail piece in a mailing for any class of mail with an approved method. Customers can also meet the Move Update standard if the same address is used in a First-Class Mail or Standard Mail mailing within 95 days after the address has been updated. Except for mail bearing an alternative address format, addresses used on all pieces claiming Standard Mail rates will be required to meet the Move Update standard.”

This means that as of November 23, 2008, all first class and standard mail must be processed for National Change of Address update (NCOA) every 90 days. In short, this is mandatory. (Note: This is an 18 month NCOA, not a full 60 month NCOA).

If you have any questions regarding this mandate from the USPS, you can access additional information here

If you need to complete a PAF for NCOA, please click PAF Original.doc to access in word format. Please click PAF Original.pdf to access in pdf format.

Click LSP_RTD_V6.rtf for additional details regarding the PAF forms available above in word format. Please click LSP_RTD_V6.pdf for additional details in pdf format.

We have received several calls from clients asking how to find out their NAICS/SICS code. Please visit the following website for company codes –

In the box next to the 2007 NAICS search – type in your industry (ie printing, time share, etc.)

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