Printing Your Way to a Successful Brand

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Every decision your business or organization makes has an impact on its brand image – including the commercial print company you choose. Think about it: the collateral, direct mail, packaging, labels, etc. that you depend upon to represent your brand in the marketplace must be of consistent high quality in every aspect. Look at your current print materials and ask yourself these questions:

Is the color quality of my collateral consistent throughout? If your brochures, sell sheets and other collateral use the same art, is the color the same – or do the tones vary? For example, is the red of the car on your brochure the same as the red of the car on your rack card? As a G7 Master Qualified Printer, Progressive Communications International (PCI) ensures consistent color management across print jobs.
Do my collateral pieces use specialty inks or finishes that make them stand out? Spot varnishing, aqueous coating, UV coating and other techniques can improve the appearance and/or durability of your collateral – and help make the right statement for your brand. Which leads to the following question: Does the sales representative at my print company just take my orders, or does he/she offer advice on paper choice, inks, finishes, etc., giving me the benefit of his/her years of industry experience? Do my direct mail pieces get the results I want? Is their design compelling enough to get people to open/read them, and then take the call-to-action? Does my print company offer comprehensive direct mail services for seamless design-to-fulfillment? Is it a leader in variable data printing, which can greatly improve response? Does the quality of my collateral’s graphic design and/or copywriting reinforce my brand’s identity? PCI’s award-winning in-house Progressive Design Group (PDG) provides comprehensive services to create distinctive, effective branding for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. After taking a close look at how your printed pieces represent your brand, you may see room for improvement. If so, you’re in the right place! As experts in providing print and design solutions for brands ranging from international to local, PCI is ready to position your brand to meet your sales and marketing goals. Contact us today!

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