Print and Email: SuperPower Friends

Posted by Sarah Chew on October 2, 2012  |   No Comments »

Want to increase the response of your 1:1 print campaign? Add email!

According to The Digital Nirvana blog, 1:1 print campaigns conducted in conjunction with email are more successful than 1:1 print campaigns without email. Why? Because we live in a multi-channel world, and even the best single-channel campaigns are often less successful than those reinforced by more than one channel. For print, that second channel is often email.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to choose a printing partner that also is a proven leader in providing emarketing solutions. Keeping both services under one roof ensures seamless coordination in creating the campaigns, and providing consistent brand messaging and graphic design – as well as launching.

Also, the essential components of an email campaign – such as email metrics, list building, and deliverability – are all areas requiring best practices in order to deliver optimal results.

PCI’s in-house E-Direct services have been at the forefront of creating campaigns that combine the power of print and email to deliver outstanding results for clients. E-Direct also works in tandem with our in-house Progressive Design Group (PDG). To learn more, visit our E-Direct page, then contact us for super-powered help with your next 1:1 campaign.


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